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    Mr.Hemant Panchal

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    Trimix Service

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    Concrete Floor Groove Cutting 星光线上娱乐彩票

    After completion of concrete flooring works (TRIMIX), groove cutting is require to prevent floor from crack by expansion. The groove cutter (floor saw) machine is idle weight & deigned for most accurate cutting.

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    Channel Grouting 星光线上娱乐彩票

    Owing to our vast experience in the concerned industry, we are providing Leveling And Grouting Service to the clients. We render the leveling of grouting service with the help of our skilled professionals who uses the modern tools and techniques. Our rendered grouting service involves the embedding of re bars in masonry walls, fill voids, connect sections of precast concrete and seal joints. Clients can avail this service from us at cost-effective prices.

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    Vacuum De Watering 星光线上娱乐彩票

    A high quality concrete floor requires not only to be level but it should also have high wear resistance, high compressive strength, reduced shrinkage and minimum water permeability. Vacuum dewatering process removes surplus water always present in the concrete. This is done by using the De-watering vacuum pump. The process starts immediately after surface vibration.

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    Floating & Troweling 星光线上娱乐彩票

    The finishing operations - Floating & Trowelling take place right after dewatering. Floating operation is done with Floating disc. This ensures after mixing of sand & cement particles. Floating operation generates skid-free finish.

    Trowelling is done with Trowelling blades in order to further improve the wear resistance, minimize dusting and obtain smoother finish. Repeated passes with disc and blades improve the wear resistance substantially.